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Tip Top Gives Back

November 27, 2018 

Tip Top Gives Back has adopted TWO families for Christmas this year! 


**UPDATE December 15,2018**


We just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to our awesome Tip Top Community!! We have completed our shopping & collecting for our adopted families. The outpouring of support has been amazing. From cash donations towards new items, to gently used donated items - we are certain these two families will have plenty of gifts under their tree's this year. We will finish wrapping all of the gifts this week and plan to deliver them to our families on Saturday, December 22nd. Thank you again for all of the love and support you all have shown these families in need this year. It is truly heart warming! May all of your holiday season's be bright and full of the same the kindness you have shown. We will add pictures here once we have everything wrapped and ready to go!


-Sincerely, all of us at Tip Top! 


**UPDATE December 7, 2018**


Thank you, everyone who has donated or helped in any way with these families!! We have family #1 all set. Their wish lists have been filled, gifts will be wrapped this week and delivered soon. We have two of our girls from family #2 all set, and are very close with the other three! 


**November 27, 2018**


We have had several people reach out and ask how they can help and what these families want/need this holiday season. We have decided to put a list together for each individual person as well as give you a little back ground on each family.


Family #1  Consists of a Single Mom on a fixed income due to medical reasons. She has two kids, a 2 year old girl and a 13 year old boy. Disability provides enough to cover the essentials, but doesn't leave room for the holidays. Her biggest wish this holiday season is for her kids to have the Christmas they deserve! We do have limited information on this family due to the method of adopting them.


Family #2 consists of a Mom & Dad who have just fallen on hard times. Mom has been ill, in and out of the hospital which ultimately resulted in losing her job dramatically limiting their income, putting them in a pinch for Christmas. This family is the winner of our drawing and they have 5 little girls! You heard me, FIVE girls. Mom was kind enough to share some information on each of them as well as send me their letter's to Santa,, that info will be provided below!






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